Institutional Proposal

Following an extensive self-review process conducted during the 2005-2006 academic year, students, staff, faculty and administrators formed a consensus agreement that our campus needed a better sense of community around a set of core values and educational objectives that defined the Mānoa Experience. They further saw the need to support this vision through changes in how we plan and manage the physical environment of our campus. Finally, in consideration of the recent establishment of the Mānoaʻs Office, they felt that creating a sustaining governance system would be necessary to achieve these results. This proposal lays out the background and institutional context that has led to this stage of our evolution, identifies our strengths and the challenges we face, and offers an interrelated set of thematic initiatives that will guide us through our next round of WASC accreditation, including the Capacity and Preparatory Review, the Educational Effectiveness Review, and attendant visits. Most importantly, this proposal arises from our belief that these initiatives are what our campus needs now to better support student learning and success, as measured by improved retention, improved learning outcomes, and improved student and faculty engagement.  [Read proposal...]

Appendices (for Required Data Exhibits, Supporting Documents)

Mānoa Catalog
Financial Audits for the last two years(2004, 2005)
List of Academic Programs Currently Offered
Mission Statement
Organizational Chart