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"We should put the resources into distance education to make it the best in the US. The potential to then outreach to Pacific Rim countries is phenomenal."
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Technology @ Mānoa

Strategic Imperatives


Our classrooms have wireless network capability and are generally equipped to support technology-enhanced instruction.

  • Serve as an innovator and a conduit for new technologies and their applications in society.
  • Effectively employ the most up-to-date information and communication technology to enhance instructional activities, on campus and globally.
  • Share new technologies and computer resources with underserved public schools and others.
  • Provide accurate and current online information to students regarding admissions, programs, classes, faculty, and policies.
  • Modernize the Mānoa website.
  • Promote the use of technology through support services, professional development opportunities, and funds for computer hardware and software.
  • Provide efficient and reliable technology and wireless network capabilities in classrooms, libraries, student housing, offices, and high public access locations.
  • Modernize administrative information systems to reduce the paper environment and streamline business services.
  • Assure equal access to technology including those with disabilities.