University of Hawaii Manoa
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"Develop the Manoa campus into a Hawaiian place of learning open to world culture, informed by principles of sustainability and respect for indigenous knowledges and practices."
Physical Environment Working Group

Social Justice @ Mānoa

Strategic Imperatives


Our enrollment of Native Hawaiians increases to 15 percent of the student population.

We make continuous measurable progress toward gender equity and hiring of underrepresented groups.

Our financial assistance to qualified students increases by 10 percent annually.

  • Recognize our kuleana (responsibility) to honor the indigenous people and promote social justice for Native Hawaiians.
  • Advance stable, peaceful, prosperous and democratic relations in the region by being an international center of learning and exchange.
  • Maintain the highest standards of integrity and conduct.
  • Instill respect for human diversity and gender equity across the campus and curriculum.
  • Create a positive, respectful, safe, and productive learning and working environment, free from harassment and discrimination.
  • Promote the free exchange of ideas and be a source of renewal for our society.
  • Actively recruit and retain administrators, faculty, staff and students from diverse backgrounds.