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The Planning Process

Planning Governance, & Communications

Our strategic planning process was initiated during the Fall of 2001 when world events served to remind us of the importance of community. We began a series of campuswide conversations about our future and our highest aspirations for Mānoa. A Listening Project was initiated which included meetings, forums, questionnaires, bulletin boards, and an interactive website for enhancing communications throughout the campus and community. Representatives from key governance groups were appointed to our steering committee and three working groups (academic affairs, physical environment and social, cultural & spiritual). Faculty and staff involved in planning and community-building also stepped forward to serve on our technical advisory committee (Committees & Groups). Review these Planning Process Documents for more information.

The Listening Project culminated in an unprecedented gathering on February 1, 2002 where more than 1,400 people participated in the Defining Our Destiny: Planning Workshop. Students, faculty, staff, alumni, parents, and members of the community came together to share their visions and ideas about how we can together improve our state’s leading institution for higher learning. Deliberations with our steering committee, working groups, and other participants resulted in this plan. The plan was endorsed by the Mānoa Faculty Senate in the fall 2002.

In one sense, implementation of the plan has already begun. Based on input from the Listening Project, the dormitories remained open during spring break, a farmers market has come to campus, and more (see Fast Track Initiatives).

Each academic department, research unit, and office on campus will be asked to review this plan and propose its own implementation plan.

The Mānoa Strategic Plan 2002–2010 is a fresh start, a new genesis. It is the beginning of bringing our destiny into being, a process that will succeed beyond our dreams if all of us are committed to making that destiny our shared reality.