Planning Resources

The Strategic Plan Working Group and writing teams relied on numerous documents throughout the planning process. The following documents were available on the UHM Strategic Planning 2010 website for public review:

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Defining Our Destiny Strategic Plan 2002–2010

A downloadable copy of the plan is available at:

Useful UHM Web Resources

Facts and Statistics: basic facts about UHM in one place

Budget and Finance: budget reports, legislative requests, links to budget prioritization reports

Chancellor's Office-Communications: regular updates on campus status

Accreditation - Western Association of Schools and Colleges (WASC) reportsrelation of WASC standards to 2002 Strategic Plan

Chesney-Lind, M., Kane, K. O., & Bilsky, B. (2009, Nov.). Doing excellent research at UHM: Researchers’ reflections on state of the research enterprise (draft). Honolulu, HI: Office of the Vice President for Research and Graduate Education, University of Hawaii-Manoa.

Strategic Planning Processes

This is a set of links to scholarly articles, web pages and books on strategic planning processes. Journal articles without a link are available through the electron ic journals and books at the UH Library.

Rutgers Center for Organizational Development and Leadership. (2006). Strategic planning in higher education: A guide for leaders New Brunswick, NJ. Rutgers, The State University of New Jersey. Retrieved from

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This is a set of links to recent articles on the future of higher education. These are intended to provide talking points; listing does not imply endorsement.

AASCU State Relations and Policy Analysis Research Team. (2010). Top 10 higher education state policy issues for 2010A Higher Education Policy Brief. Washington, DC: American Association of State Colleges and Universities.

Hurley, D. J. (2009). Considerations for state colleges and universities in a post-recession America. Washington, DC: American Association of State Colleges and Universities. Retrieved from

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UH System Plan

This is a set of links to the UH System strategic plan and other documents on Hawaii higher education related to directions that may be helpful in UHM's planning process.

UH System Strategic Planning web page - includes link to UH System Plan and plans for each UH campus

Strategic Plan Update Page - performance measures for 2009, Outcomes and Performance Measures 2008-2015

Policies and Procedures

Board of Regents Policies, Chapter 4: Planning

UH Executive Policy (E4.201): Integrated long-range planning framework

Statistics and Reports

Aldeman, C., & Carey, K. (2009). Ready to assemble: Grading state higher education accountability systems (includes individual state reports, see Hawaii). Washington, DC: Education Sector. [Hawaii report]

University Plan Examples

One way to develop our plan is to benchmark against what other institutions are doing. This list represents large, public universities in the U.S. that have updated their plans in the past two years. Many of the institutional web sites include useful information on how their planning process was accomplished.

It is not a comprehensive list but does give a sense of how institutions are thinking about the future in light of the reduced financial support from states during the current economic downturn. Because the goal was to examine recent documents, it does not include some of the institutions commonly used as benchmarks for UHM. Of the UH System institutions, only Windward Community College has a recent update (WCC Strategic Plan Action Outcomes, 2008).

Arizona State UniversityExpanding Our Vision, Deepening Our Roots, 2011-2015

Boise State UniversityStrategic Plan, 2010-2014

Illinois State UniversityEducating Illinois 2008-2014

Indiana State UniversityThe Pathway to Success, 2009-2014

Oregon State UniversityStrategic Plan, Phase 2, 2009-2013

University of Kentucky2009-14 Strategic Plan

University of Missouri-Kansas CityStrategic Plan, 2010-2020

University of New MexicoStrategic Framework for 2008 and Beyond

University of VermontStrategic Plan 2009-2013: Sustaining the Advance

Washington State UniversityStrategic Plan, 2008-2013

West Virginia State University2010 Plan, Building the Foundation for Academic Excellence