The Planning Phase

The 2010 strategic planning process to update Defining Our Destiny: UHM Strategic Plan 2002-2010 ran from August 16 – December 16, 2010. A Strategic Plan Working Group (SPWG) was jointly appointed by the Chancellor, Mānoa Faculty Senate, and the Graduate Student Organization. The Associated Students of the University of Hawaiʻi was also invited to appoint a member. The SPWG developed the planning process and survey instrument, was responsible for data analysis and summary report preparation, and coordination of writing teams that prepared a draft plan that was submitted in December 2010. Members were:

  • Kelly Aune, Professor of Speech
  • Pat Cooper, Associate Dean of SOEST
  • Sue Haglund, Ph.D. candidate in Political Science
  • Ellen Hoffman, Professor of Education
  • Torben Neilson, Specialist in SOEST
  • Alan Teramura, Interim Dean of Natural Science
  • Susan Hippensteele, Associate Professor of Women’s Studies and Chair of Mānoa Faculty Senate served as SPWG Convener

Four writing teams worked prepare drafts of the plan and reconvened briefly in January 2011 to refine proposed progress indicators. Details of writing team membership and activities can be found under Activities and Timeline.

In July 2011 Achieving Our Destiny: The 2011-2015 University of Hawaiʻi at Mānoa Strategic Plan was reviewed by the Board of Regents and formally adopted by the campus.