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Importing Biological Commodities

Most biological commodities imported into the State of Hawaiʻi require at minimum a state or federal permit or a letter of authorization.

University Authorization to Import Biological Materials

An authorization from the University of Hawaiʻi is required for any biological materials regulated by state and federal agencies. Please follow these steps to obtain University authorization:

Note: Biological commodities derived from animals, plants, or that have been genetically modified/engineered imported into the State of Hawaiʻi from the UK and other foreign countries may require an APHIS/USDA permit. Prior to obtaining a BSP2 authorization from the University Compliance Office, researchers should contact APHIS to determine if a permit is necessary.

  • Complete the UH BSP2 application (PDF).
    Note: Any other versions of the BSP are no longer accepted
  • Include with your BSP2 Permit application
    • Date of Annual Biosafety Training
    • Shipping and Receiving Training is required for anyone who transports Infectious and Biological Substances. Training is provided at the Laulima Worksite "Transportation of Infectious and Biological Substances Training" opens in a new window
    • Copy of your Federal and/or State Permit or License (HDOA, CDC, USDA, Department of Commerce). See below for information regarding obtaining a permit or letter of authorization.
  • All BSP2 forms must be submitted to or faxed to 956-2265. We are not responsible for documentation submitted to other email addresses or fax numbers. Only the Research Compliance Officer or the Research Compliance Assistant may sign and approve any transportation of biological commodities documents at the University of Hawaiʻi.

Materials Requiring a State HDOA Permit or Letter of Authorization

The lists below will tell you whether a biological material requires a permit or letter of authorization. You may also use this Interactive Tool (or view as a Flow Chart) to guide you through the process and requirements for importation.

Biological Commodities Requiring an HDOA Permit:

Biological Commodities Requiring an HDOA Letter of Authorization:

How to Obtain a State HDOA Permit or Letter of Authorization

To obtain a Hawaiʻi Department of Agriculture opens in a new window(HDOA) permit to import biological commodities, complete an HDOA PQ-7 application form and submit it to, or call Biosafety Compliance at 808-956-8420 for additional information and instructions. The State of Hawaiʻi permit process is lengthy, all applicants should consider submitting their permit applications to the Research Compliance Office at least one year prior to the date needed.

Centers for Disease Control (CDC) Etiologic Agent Import Permit Program

A CDC import permit is generally required for any infectious agent known or suspected to cause disease in humans. Visit the Centers for Disease Control Etiologic Agent Import Permit Program opens in a new windowfor more information.

United States Department of Agriculture (USDA/APHIS)

A USDA permit may be required for:

  • Imported veterinary biological products
  • Importation, interstate movement, or release of a genetically-engineered organism
  • Plant and plant products imported into the United States
  • Transit through and interstate movement within the United States of:
    • Plant pests (plant feeding insects, mite's snails, slugs, and plant pathogens)
    • Biological control organisms of plant pets and weeds, parasitic plants, and federally-listed noxious weeds under regulatory authorities
  • Effective October 1, 2009 user fees associated with permit applications are as follows:
    • New permit application: $137
    • Renewal permit: $89
    • Amended permit: $68
    • FBS inspection: $469 (all fees are per application)
    • Import compliance fee: $514 per shipment

Please visit the U.S. Department of Agriculture opens in a new windowfor more information.


Importation of Non-Regulated Biological Materials





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