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Galaxy orbits in the local supercluster
Dec 8, 2017, Mānoa — Brent Tully of the Institute for Astronomy is co-author of the paper in The Astrophysical Journal.
Nobel laureate wins Weinman award at UH Cancer Center symposium
Dec 7, 2017, Mānoa — Students had the opportunity to interact with cancer researcher Phillip Allen Sharp.
Study shows the origin of modern humans more complicated than originally thought
Dec 7, 2017, Mānoa — The study provides a refined picture of human dispersal out of Africa.
Fifty-five and fabulous! A talipot blooms at Lyon Arboretum
Nov 30, 2017, Mānoa — The monocarpic palm will face an impending death after it flowers and fruits.
New study on Hawai`iís early learning system finds critical shortage of care
Nov 30, 2017, Mānoa — Areas in need of action include increasing the number of childcare and preschool seats.
UH Mānoa field testing mobile app for visually impaired at Yosemite National Park
Nov 30, 2017, Mānoa — The app make brochures at national parks accessible to those who have trouble seeing them.
There's a deeper fish in the sea
Nov 29, 2017, Mānoa — Lead author Mackenzie Gerringer was a graduate student at SOEST at the time of research.
UH Manoa researcher is honored for contributions to clean energy education and empowerment
Nov 28, 2017, Mānoa — Nicole Lautze serves on the faculty of the School of Ocean and Earth Science and Technology.
State's Hyperbaric Treatment Center to remain closed through February
Nov 24, 2017, Mānoa — UH is committed to reopening the center and will provide an update on/by January 29, 2018.
Medical-care collaboration links UH and Okinawa over five decades
Nov 22, 2017, Mānoa — The joint effort involves the John A. Burns School of Medicine and Chubu Hospital in Japan.
New dean to lead the College of Education at UH Mānoa
Nov 20, 2017, Mānoa — Nathan Murata has been named dean of the College of Education, effective January 1, 2018.
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