Required prerequisite and online bachelor degree in social work offered through UH Maui College

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Marketing Director, UH Maui College
Posted: Dec 4, 2017

UH Maui College's Lee Stein says the county needs baccalaureate level social workers.
UH Maui College's Lee Stein says the county needs baccalaureate level social workers.

UH Maui College is offering a required prerequisite class for an online bachelor of social work degree program. Applicants with an associate’s degree or equivalent can enroll in the course at UH Maui College starting in the spring of 2018, and can enroll in a University of Hawai‘i at Mānoa bachelor of social work (BSW) online degree program starting in fall 2018.

In anticipation of the BSW online degree rollout, UH Maui College Human Services Program Coordinator Lee Stein will be teaching HSER 290V: The Field of Social Work, the required prerequisite course to enroll in the online degree program. The deadline to submit applications for spring at UH Maui College is December 15, 2017.

“Maui County’s workforce has been in need of a degree directly linked to employment opportunities in human services and social work for a very long time,” Stein said. “There is a great need for baccalaureate-level social workers in the areas of youth and family services, homelessness, aging, substance abuse, mental health, community health and child welfare, among others.”

The BSW degree provides a foundation of the knowledge, values and skills needed in the field of social work to provide effective services, promote social justice and increase community well-being. Given the multicultural nature of the state, special attention is given to Native Hawaiian, Pacific Islander and Asian communities in Hawai‘i and the Pacific Region.

The degree also provides a clear academic path to the master of social work program that has been available via distance education at UH Maui College for many years.

For more information on the BSW program contact Mike DeMattos, BSW chair at UH Mānoa School of Social Work, at or (808) 956-6135, or Jill Sur at or (808) 956-9447.

To enroll in the required prerequisite Field of Social Work course at UH Maui College, contact Human Services Program Coordinator Lee Stein at or (808) 984-3338.

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