University of Hawaii Releases Documents Requested in Dobelle Personnel Action

University of Hawaiʻi
Posted: Aug 4, 2004

HONOLULU — The University of Hawaiʻi today released several documents requested by media and other individuals relating to personnel action concerning former UH President Evan Dobelle. The release of the documents is in response to a letter from the Office of Information Practices (OIP) advising that the university release the documents without further delay. The university had furnished these documents to the OIP for its review.

The UH Board of Regents believes the public interest is best served by providing full and complete access to all documents related to this matter and supports OIP‘s advisory opinion concluding that requested records, which it had reviewed, should be released. With the exception of "privileged" work product or attorney-client communications, and other information described in OIP‘s letter, the university will fully comply with OIP‘s position and intends to continue its cooperation in the future.

The documents that have been made available today include:
· Deloitte Touche Final Audit Report;
· E-mails, memos and correspondence between Dobelle or his staff and the BOR concerning Dobelle‘s attendance at the BOR June 15, 2004 meeting;
· Records of phone calls made from the BOR offices on June 15;
· E-mails, memos and correspondence between Dobelle or his staff over the use of UH Research and Training Revolving Fund;
· E-mails, memos and correspondence with the UH Foundation relating to spending from the President‘s protocol fund;
· E-mails, memos and correspondence with the Opinion Dynamics Corp. over the January 2003 survey;
· Project management reports, change orders and their justifications relating to the College Hill renovation work in 2001;
· Procurement records relating to the College Hill renovation work in 2001;
· January 2003 Opinion Dynamics Survey;
· Letter allowing Dobelle to stay at UH as a tenured professor; and
· Project management files related to the renovation of Dobelle‘s office and the use of RCUH monies to pay for the renovation.

Because of the desire to comply immediately with OIP‘s letter dated August 3, 2004, only these documents that have been reviewed by OIP are being released today. This is a partial release today. The university anticipates that additional documents responsive to the requests will be forthcoming following additional consultation with OIP as necessary.

Documents are available at the Office of the Vice President for External Affairs & University Relations, Bachman 109H. Documents that cannot be copied due to volume are available for access and review.