New entrepreneurial 'sPACE' is off to a great start at Shidler College of Business

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Posted: Sep 22, 2016

Students compete in the Warrior Creativity Challenge in the Shidler College of Business' new sPACE.
Students compete in the Warrior Creativity Challenge in the Shidler College of Business' new sPACE.

Link to video and sound (details below):

It was fun with a purpose and possible monetary reward, as students helped to break in a brand new entrepreneurial space at UH Mānoa.  The space is actually called “sPACE” and is part of the Pacific Asian Center for Entrepreneurship or PACE in the Shidler College of Business.

Today students tackled a Warrior Creativity Challenge, building the tallest tower that could support a marshmallow with materials like spaghetti and string.  This required them to channel entrepreneurial skills like creativity, collaboration, critical thinking and effective communication. 

There will be an overall award of $500 per semester for the UH club that garners the most participating members throughout that semester.

Last night, sPACE held a “speed networking” event for entrepreneurs, investors and business executives.  Among the participants was current Shidler MBA student and former UH and Denver Broncos football player Ashley Lelie.

sPACEʻs weeklong grand opening ceremonies wrap up tomorrow as it welcomes students to collaborate and work on entrepreneurial ideas.

More Information on sPACE:

  • Rooms E-402 and E-502 at the Shidler College of Business have been refurbished with new flooring, paint, lighting and furniture.
  • The two-story room includes four themed corners, a main "bullpen" area in the middle of the center, and work desks on the second level. 
  • It's the home of PACE or the Pacific Asian Center for Entrepreneurship.
  • The room called "sPACE" is open to all UH faculty and students, and is meant to serve as a collaborative, co-working area for students to work on projects together and develop and pursue their new venture ideas.
  • A different activity has happened each day this week. For details and a full schedule, visit
  • The mission of PACE is to create entrepreneurial thinkers and innovative problem-solvers for the 21st century workforce. For more about PACE, visit

ABOUT PACE:  Founded in 2000 at the Shidler College of Business, the Pacific Asian Center for Entrepreneurship (PACE) is the home for a set of experiential entrepreneurship programs at the University of Hawai‘i. The center’s 20+ programs offer mentorship, training and resources to all UH students and faculty, and are designed to encourage entrepreneurial thinking across disciplines and inspire entrepreneurs to move their ideas from conceptualization to commercialization.

Link to video and sound:


0:00-0:59 - 10 clips of the Warrior Creativity Challenge

0:59-1:05 - sPACE sign


Brittany Bonilla, UH Mānoa, senior (:13)

“I really like how it looks like because there’s a lot of places for us to work and collaborate with each other.  The theme of this place – it feels a little bit like more futuristic, kind of makes me want to think more and innovate myself.”

Ashley Lelie, MBA student, UH Mānoa (former UH and Denver Broncos football player) (:11)

“I saw it Monday for the first time and it looks pretty awesome.  So I know my group and I are probably going to get together in there and do a couple of projects utilizing the space that they put together for us. So itʻs pretty cool."

Susan Yamada, Executive Director, Pacific Asian Center for Entrepreneurship (:16)

“This space is 1,300 square feet of co-working and collaboration space.  We can hold our events in here, students can come in at any time and sit down, grab a desk, grab a corner and begin to collaborate on their different ideas.”

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