Earthquest Hawaii 2054: Hawaii in the Coming Age of Global Warming and Sea Level Rise

UH professor gives revealing insights in new book

University of Hawaiʻi
Rick Ziegler, (808) 261-4154
Author/Honoluu CC Professor
Arlene Abiang, (808) 956-5637
External Affairs & University Relations
Posted: Jun 9, 2004

HONOLULU — With Hollywood‘s recent blockbuster release of "A Day After Tomorrow," the subject of climate change is certainly top of mind for many, and Hawaiʻi is no exception.
In his new book now available in most local bookstores, "Earthquest Hawaiʻi 2054," Honolulu CC professor and author Rick Ziegler puts Hawaiʻi in the spotlight and answers questions on how the state will be affected by global warming and sea level rise in the year 2054.

Using data, projections and predictions from the United Nations Report on Climate Change combined with social trends and political insights, Ziegler creates an alarming and realistic scenario of Hawaiʻi 50 years from now, struggling from impacts of global warming and sea level rise. The book is infused with humor and satire to create a unique blend of entertainment and education.

Ziegler gives us a glimpse of Hawaiʻi in 2054 through the eyes of a young couple who find Waikīkī, the ʻVenice of the Pacific,‘ replete with gondolas, Chinatown under water, Downtown with a sea wall barrier, Leeward Oʻahu torn by deepening social and economic divisions, and new political coalitions and technology advances offering hope for the future.

"Earthquest Hawaiʻi 2054 addresses the most serious environmental problem we face today," said Ziegler. "The book takes a mix of science and social commentary and reveals some facts and possible solutions on what we can do today to build a safe future for our children and our children‘s children."

Note to media: To review a copy of "Earthquest Hawaiʻi 2054," please contact Rick Ziegler at
(808) 261-4154.