UH Manoa announces the TASI-Pacific Health Informatics and Data Center

University of Hawaiʻi at Mānoa
Christina Higa, (808) 956-7224
Associate Director, Social Sciences, TASI-PHIDC
Posted: Sep 15, 2016

UH Mānoa has announced the renaming of the Telecommunications and Social Informatics (TASI) research program to the TASI-Pacific Health Informatics and Data Center (PHIDC). The name change is significant as it acknowledges that TASI-PHIDC, which is part of the Social Science Research Institute (SSRI) in the College of Social Sciences (CSS), is now the official hub for storing statewide health data that will ensure that all U.S. health records are upheld.

TASI-PHIDC will serve as a health data repository for claims data for Hawaii’s State Health Planning and Development Agency (SHPDA). In this capacity, the center will provide SHPDA with the necessary expertise and support to analyze Medicare, Medicaid and EUTF claims data in support of relevant research on critical issues affecting health care such as policy and costs, quality, service gaps and disparities.

“Hawai‘i is a leader in health and health care, and consistently ranks high in many national health ratings. This is due in large part to the state’s progressive public health legislation that provides access to health-care services to the larger population. Like states across the nation, however, Hawai‘i is faced with rising costs and other issues that negatively impact patient health care. The Pacific Health Informatics and Data Center focuses the efforts of Hawaii’s State Health Planning and Development Agency and will help to bring fresh perspectives on these issues,” said Denise Eby Konan, dean of the College of Social Sciences.

TASI-PHIDC was designated by the Hawai‘i State Legislature to support efforts to receive and analyze claims data to improve understanding of health-care costs, increase transparency of health-care information and, through research and analysis, to develop strategies and initiatives that improve care, population health and access, while lessening health disparities and costs.

The College of Social Sciences is committed to innovative research initiatives that build upon the college’s strengths and provide unique social science perspectives in areas that play essential roles in the university’s research efforts. Historically, the college and its Social Science Research Institute (SSRI) have been leaders in the areas of environmental change, health informatics, behavioral health, economics and social innovation.

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