University of Hawaii Professor of Asian Studies Publishes Book on China

University of Hawaiʻi
Ricardo D. Trimillos, (808) 956-5752
Asian Studies Department
Posted: Mar 31, 2004

Dru Gladney, a professor of Asian Studies in the School of Hawaiian, Asian & Pacific Studies at the University of Hawaiʻi at Mānoa, recently published his book, "Dislocating China: Muslims, Minorities and Other Subaltern Subjects."

Until quite recently, Western scholars have tended to accept the Chinese representation of non-Han groups as marginalized minorities. Through his book, published by the University of Chicago Press, Gladney challenges this simplistic view, arguing instead that the very oppositions of majority and minority, primitive and modern, are historically constructed and are belied by examination of such disenfranchised groups as Muslims, minorities or gendered others.

Gladney has twice been a Fulbright Research Scholar and has conducted long-term field research in China, Central Asia, and Turkey. He is also the author of over 50 academic articles and chapters, as well many Asian Studies publications.