Atelier Hawaii: More than an Art Class!

Summer Session Atelier Workshop May 27–July 3

Windward Community College
Bonnie J Beatson, (808) 235-7374
Windward Community College
Norm Graffam, 808-236-9148
Atelier Hawaii instructor/director, Humanities
Posted: Mar 27, 2014

Atelier Hawaii student uses sight-size technique
Atelier Hawaii student uses sight-size technique

What happens when modern 21st century art students meet 17th century teaching techniques—the way the old Masters, such as Rembrandt, were taught? For six intense weeks this summer, Windward Community College art instructor Norm Graffam will offer 24 students the opportunity of a lifetime to learn to draw and paint like the European Masters.

Atelier Hawai‘i is a 6-week intensive workshop in Classical Realism, one of a growing number gaining popularity in the United States. With an emphasis on portraiture and the figure, participants will develop skills in sight-size/observational drawing and learn oil painting techniques used by the great European Masters. Seats are now available in the 2014 Summer Session from May 27 to July 3. Students can choose to earn six (6) college credits by completing the workshop or attend as a community education noncredit participant.

Under the direction of nationally and locally recognized artist and art instructor Norman Graffam, students will learn the Realist Tradition in spacious, light-filled art studios located at Windward Community College.

“We encourage students to stretch the boundaries of their modern thinking—they learn how to see angles, proportions and values with an artistic eye,” says Graffam.

Students draw from classical sculpture, study the human figure from live models, draw and paint from casts using Maroger medium, and progress from the underpainting to the full palette incorporating the challenges of color harmony, composition, tonal values, perspective and gesture.

“I loved every minute! Completing the Atelier was a very rewarding experience. The skills I learned have launched me into a serious career in art, including several commissions from art collectors,” said Atelier Hawai‘i student Jill Butterbaugh.

Many of Graffam’s students benefit in other ways from the Atelier workshop.

“It was a lot of work, but now I have the courage to do a lot of things that I don’t think I would have tried on my own,” revealed fromer student Amanda Joy Ryan. “It also gave me hope and faith in myself.”

Enrollment is limited, register early!

Tuition (24 seats only):

Noncredit $1,200

College credit (6 credits) $1,488 for residents, $2,100 for non-residents.

For more information, call Atelier instructor and director Norman Graffam at 808-236-9148. For registration information, call 808-235-7433 or visit


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