Kaua'i CC student art exhibition opens

June 3-8 at Kukui Grove Shopping Center

Kauaʻi Community College
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Posted: Jun 5, 2013

Poster for the exhibition.
Poster for the exhibition.
Art student Angel Camarillo gives a tour of the exhibit at the 2013 KCC summer art show.
Art student Angel Camarillo gives a tour of the exhibit at the 2013 KCC summer art show.

Students from the painting, drawing, graphic design, photograph and video production classes presented their artwork at a student exhibition on June 3, at the Kukui Grove Shopping Center in Lihue. The art will be on view in the Kaua'i Society of Artists Gallery until June 8, 2013, with an Artist Reception on Friday, June 7 at 6 p.m. The public is invited to browse through the gallery and enjoy the creative talents of Kaua'i Community College students. The Artist Reception is also open to the public.

“This if the first time the exhibition was held outside of the Kaua`i CC campus," said Matthew Fulmer, art instructor at Kaua'i CC. "Students are able to not only exhibit, but also sell their artwork." 

According to Fulmer,  the goals of art programs are to give those students hoping to move on to a four-year education a great start, or provide those who are looking to expand their skill set, the skills they need."

The Kaua'i Society of Artists generously donated the gallery space and waived commission fees to support Kaua'i CC students’ endeavors. The exhibition exposes the college’s art programs to people who may not be aware of the diversity of courses available at KCC.

Kaua'i CC digital video lecturer Gary Ellwood said: “This exhibition is a great opportunity for both the students and the Kaua'i Community to view a wide range of finished works. The students have the opportunity to see their work on the walls of a gallery, or on a big screen, and feel the pride of accomplishment that goes with a public display. Holding the exhibition at Kukui Grove Shopping Center opens the display to the whole island including visitors. In addition, the community gets a window into the creativity being nurtured at the College, witnessing the new, home grown talent that is blossoming there. It encourages potential Kaua'i CC students to develop a vision of what they could be learning at Kaua'i CC. Truly a WIN-WIN event for everyone.”

One of the artists featured in the show is Kaua'i CC student Angel Camarillo, who is pursuing a degree in graphic design and exploring her future in art. Commenting on her decision to study at Kaua'i CC, she said, “I want to get a feel for what I want—to make sure of what I will pursue in life." Studying at Kaua'i CC works for her because she said she wants to "be closer to home and see my sister and brother grow up."

Other students featured in the show include: Jean Rhude, Norman Acupan, Alexandra Barrow, Eric Cano, Keenan Javinar,Laurie Laroque, Christine Nelson, Sean Palmer, Ashley Pascual, Derek Wright, Carol Bain, Helene Daub, Nicole Ludington-Braun, Lauren Mongillo, Tirah Brings, Shelley Leonard, Patricia Hebson, Jushue Perez, Mike Smith, Kawehi Hooph, Aquarius Kalama, Devin Vegas, Barbara Brings, Laurie Bolton, Carol Yasutake, Rachel Gauthier, Angel Camarillo, Kamanakai Palama, Sherry Dire, Ohrlan Laborte, Michaella Mintcheff, Reginald McPherson, Calthron Antoine, Kenneth Braudenburger, Lilia Yamamoto, Jasmine Santos, Sarah Britt, Stephen Tanji, Satchel Hamilton, Katherine Bueche, Ethan Miguel, Jon Ramboyon, Raevyn Ibia, Kelsey Kabazawa, Leslie Matsumoto, Darica McCain, Julie Pescador, Raquel Sullivan, Dorian Demarais, and Samuel Amonette.