Institute for Astronomy to Hold Open House

University of Hawaiʻi
Dr. James Heasley, (808) 956-6826
Institute for Astronomy
Karen Rehbock, (808) 956-8566
Institute for Astronomy
Posted: Apr 22, 2003

The University of Hawaii Institute for Astronomy (IfA) will hold its fourth annual Open House at its Manoa headquarters on Saturday, April 26, 2003, from 10 a.m. to 4:30 p.m. The IfA is located at 2680 Woodlawn Drive, next to the Manoa Public Library and across the street from Noelani School. Admission is free, and free parking will be available.

Visitors will be able to view sunspots and make telescope observations of Venus, make a miniature comet, visit the Starlab Portable Planetarium, and launch a bottle rocket. There will also be a variety of research exhibits, and tours of the Machine Shop and the Instrumentation Laboratories will take place beginning at 10:30 a.m.

IfA scientists will give short public lectures on many subjects, including the telescopes on Mauna Kea, the Sun & Earth's climate, finding potentially hazardous asteroids, "non-voyaging" Hawaiian astronomy, the large-scale structure of the Universe, and dark matter.

For more information and the lecture schedule, call the Open House Hot Line at 956-6195 or check the IfA website,

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