Cancer Research Center of Hawaii investigator selected as Keystone fellow

University of Hawaiʻi at Mānoa
Posted: Dec 17, 2009

Dr. Dana-Lynn Koomoa
Dr. Dana-Lynn Koomoa
Keystone Symposia on Molecular and Cellular Biology has announced the appointment of UH Mānoa Cancer Research Center of Hawai‘i young investigator Dana-Lynn Koomoa, PhD, as one of five new Keystone Symposia Fellows for 2010.  Dr. Koomoa has been a postdoctoral researcher mentored for nearly three years by André Bachmann, PhD, of the Center’s Natural Products and Cancer Biology Program.
According to Dr. Bachmann, Dr. Koomoa has been successful in investigating the pediatric cancer neuroblastoma, the main research focus of the Bachmann lab.  Her current research involves investigating the malignant progression of the disease.
The Keystone Symposia Fellows Program, launched in 2008, enables five early-career life scientists (post-doctoral trainees or assistant professors) each year to participate in the Keystone Symposia program development process for one year. Selection of these fellows is based on their research promise as well as a commitment to promoting diversity in the biomedical and life sciences. One of the program's initiatives is to increase participation by scientists from underrepresented minority groups in all aspects of its conferences.
The new fellows will participate in teleconferences, study group sessions, online research review sessions and Keystone Symposia’s two semi-annual Scientific Advisory Board meetings. The Scientific Advisory Board is comprised of 60-plus global members who are distinguished scientists from academia, government and industry.
Dr. Koomoa received her PhD from Brown University in 2005. She recently received a 2009 Young Investigator for Outstanding Cancer Research Award from the Alex's Lemonade Stand Foundation (ALSF) that is given to promising young scientists.
Pleased with Dr. Koomoa’s accomplishments, Dr. Bachmann stated, “I have no doubt that Dr. Koomoa will continue to be successful in her career, and I am proud to be able to guide her as a mentor along the way toward becoming an independent researcher. She shows a determined commitment to promoting diversity in the biomedical sciences.”
Added Dr. Andrew Robertson, chief scientific officer at Keystone Symposia, “We are honored and excited to work with these five talented scientists in the upcoming year. The program is truly symbiotic, as we gain valuable insights from newer investigators when developing our meeting programs, while they in turn have the opportunity to ‘rub shoulders’ with some of the most respected, accomplished scientists in their field.”