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Health declines are more rapid in older women with urinary incontinence
Oct 15, 2018, Mānoa — Catherine Pirkle and Yan Yan Wu from the Office of Public Health Studies were involved in research.
First-time UH bar exam pass rate is highest in five years
Oct 11, 2018, Mānoa — Results exceeded overall U.S. bar passage performance, which declined nationally.
Icy Jupiter moon shows tectonic activity
Oct 11, 2018, Mānoa — Exhaustive first study considers the role of strike-slip tectonics in Ganymede's geologic history.
Helping Waimānalo families use aquaponics, improve health
Oct 9, 2018, Mānoa — Three researchers have won a national fellowship and will receive $350,000 over three years.
Pilot project extended to accept GRE for law school admissions
Oct 8, 2018, Mānoa — Five first-year students are admitted without taking the Law School Admissions Test.
Pre-law Symposium for Pacific Islanders to demystify applying to law school
Oct 8, 2018, Mānoa — Day-long event is sponsored by a newly formed student group, the Pacific Islander Legal Association.
UH Mānoa chosen for national select program to improve academic advising
Oct 8, 2018, Mānoa — Campus was selected to participate in the first cohort of the Excellence in Academic Advising.
Hybrid forest restoration benefits communities and increases resilience
Oct 8, 2018, Mānoa — The team designed research that will inform adaptive management to improve forest resilience.
Students to Develop Hacks for Language Learning
Oct 5, 2018, Mānoa — Chinese Language Flagship Program scholars will attend The Hack The Language Flagship event.
UH Mānoa foreign language program funding reaches $10M
Oct 3, 2018, Mānoa — Projects focus on the needs of less-commonly taught languages, especially in Asia-Pacific region.
Guam case that echoes Rice v. Cayetano to be argued before Ninth Circuit at law school on October 10
Oct 2, 2018, Mānoa — There will also be a public lunch forum on October 11 featuring lead counsel Julian Aguon.
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