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National University of Singapore

National University of Singapore


Singapore, SINGAPORE


Open to undergraduate and graduate students in all majors.

  • Academic areas at NUS: Arts & Social Sciences, Business, Computing, Dentistry, Design & Environment, Engineering, Law, Medicine, Music, Public Health, Science
  • Note to Business Students: This university is AACSB accredited.
  • A typical courseload is 12-20 MCs worth of modules. 12 MCs is 3 modules; 30 MCs is 5 modules. More information on Academics at NUS
  • Optional internship opportunity with Absolute Internship. Internships are not for academic credit, and there are extra costs involved. Internships are to be taken alongside your full course load at NUS.


Yes - English is the main language of instruction at the National University of Singapore.


Fall Semester August - December ("Semester 1")
Spring Semester January - May ("Semester 2")
Students may study at NUS for two consecutive semesters, starting in the fall or spring.
Summer See MIX Summer Programs for dates.



Exchange students may apply online for NUS Accommodation Options. There is a housing shortage, and accommodations are not guaranteed.

Arrange your own housing Students may arrange their own private off-campus housing.
There is no homestay housing option at NUS, but there is a Host Family Programme that you can sign up for. It connects you with a local family that you can visit for occasional meals and cultural exchange.


TUITION - MIX students register as full-time students at UH Manoa and pay regular UHM tuition & fees.  Your tuition category (Resident, Non-Resident, WUE, etc., stays the same). You do not pay overseas tuition. 

LIVING EXPENSES - In addition to paying UHM tuition, you are responsible for all living and travel expenses during your international exchange. Below are estimates of these expenses, for planning purposes only. Amounts listed below are for one semester, and will vary based on your individual needs and choices, as well as foreign exchange rate fluctuations.        

FINANCIAL AID - Since you are still a registered UHM student while on MIX, you continue to be eligible to receive financial aid and scholarships.  If you submit a ‘MIX Student Budget for Financial Aid Purposes’ form, UHM financial aid will take into consideration your overseas living and travel expenses when awarding your grants/loans. More info on Financial Aid & Scholarships for MIX   

Exchange students at NUS are required to pay the Student Activity & Services fee and the Health & Insurance Scheme. For cost estimates, see Information for Incoming Exchange Students.


What is a visa? A visa is an official stamp or document affixed within your passport that has been issued by a foreign government granting permission for entry into the country for a specific purpose.

MIX Students: It is your responsibility to obtain a student visa, if required. The information below is provided for reference purposes only; always consult your destination country's consulate website for the latest and most accurate information on visa requirements. Visa requirements may be different for U.S. citizens and non-U.S. citizens.

Singapore: International students studying in Singapore are required to have a “Student's Pass” (student visa) prior to arrival in Singapore. Students must also have a valid passport that is valid for at least 6 months beyond the end date of your intended stay.










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