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Viņa del Mar, CHILE

Located in Viña del Mar, which is considered the main touristic city of the country.  The Valparaiso region receives more than 14 thousand students each year and it is considered as a university city in the country. The University has a modern campus located in the upper area of the city. The campus lies on 20 acres of land and has state-of-the-art technology and infrastructure.


Open to undergraduate students in all majors, who have intermediate or advanced proficiency in Spanish.

Academic areas: Architecture & Design, Agricultural Sciences, Health Sciences, Law, Veterinary Science, Communications, Education, Engineering, and Business.

Exchange students take regular UVM courses taught in Spanish. Supplemental Spanish language courses for exchange students are offered; please note that there may be additional fees for these courses.

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No - Courses taught in English are NOT open to reciprocal exchange students. They are for fee-paying study abroad students only. Exchange students enroll in regular university courses taught in Spanish.



Fall Semester August - November
Spring Semester March - June (optional Intensive Language Program in January)
Students may study at UVM for two consecutive semesters, starting in the fall or spring.

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Arrange your own housing
Students may arrange their own off-campus housing in boarding houses or apartments.
Off campus homestay accommodations are available. The total cost of staying with a host family is US$3,000, which includes a private room, 3 meals/day, and laundry. Students pay for their host family in a lump sum during the UVM Orientation.


TUITION - MIX students register as full-time students at UH Manoa and pay regular UHM tuition & fees.  Your tuition category (Resident, Non-Resident, WUE, etc., stays the same). You do not pay overseas tuition. 

LIVING EXPENSES - You are responsible for all living expenses, including health insurance, books/supplies, room & meals, personal expenses, airfare, local transportation, and any costs associated with obtaining a visa (if applicable). Below are estimates for planning purposes only; amounts are listed per semester, and will vary based on your individual needs.    

  • Health Insurance: $ 200-400
  • Books & Supplies: $ 200-400
  • Room & Meals: $3,000-4,000
  • Personal Expenses: $1,000-1,500
  • Airfare & Local Transportation: $2,000-2,600
  • Visa Expenses: $100-160
  • Optional January Intensive Language Program: $2,800

FINANCIAL AID - Since you are still a registered UHM student while on MIX, you continue to be eligible to receive financial aid and scholarships.  If you submit a ‘MIX Student Budget for Financial Aid Purposes’ form, UHM financial aid will take into consideration your overseas living and travel expenses when awarding your grants/loans. More info on Financial Aid & Scholarships for MIX   


Cultural Activities: The Centro de Español in the UVM International Relations department organizes a variety of cultural and extracurricular activities for visiting international students, facilitating greater immersion into the Chilean culture. There are also opportunities to volunteer.

Visa Information: U.S Citizens will need to apply for a Student Visa to Chile. The process is lengthy, and students will need to be very organized in the process. Chilean Student Visa Requirements for US Citizens

Chilean Consulate in Honolulu
2240 Kuhio Avenue, Ph 3804
Honolulu, HI

Consul - Gladys Vernoy, (808) 561-1772

Requirements for the student visa are listed below; however, students MUST check with the Chilean Consulate for the most updated requirements!

  • Valid passport
  • Health Certificate issued by a doctor stating that the applicant enjoys good health and has no communicable disease (within 30 days of departure)
  • HIV test (within 30 days of departure)
  • Police Certificate issued by the applicant's local police (within 30 days of departure)
  • Four recent 2"x2" color photographs
  • Proof of financial security (bank statement or Affidavit from the applicant's parents or guardians)
  • Visa fee of US$100 (cash or money order). Visa fees vary for non-U.S. citizens - check with the Consulate.
  • Letter of acceptance from UVM.

Note: Students with this visa are not allowed to work while in Chile. Student visas are valid for a maximum of one year and may be renewed in Chile.


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