Course Catalog

Ilokano 101: Beginning Ilokano

This is an introductory course in Ilokano focusing on the integrated development of students’ listening, speaking, reading and writing skills. Structural points are introduced inductively. Language lab is required. 4 credits.

Ilokano 102: Beginning Ilokano

Continuation of Ilokano 101. Language lab is required. 4 credits. Prerequisite: Ilokano 101 or consent.

Ilokano 107: Ilokano for Health Sciences

Development of listening, speaking, reading, writing, and other communication skills designed specifically for Nursing, Dentistry, Dental Hygiene, Public Health, and Social Work students. Culture integrated with language study.

Ilokano 201: Intermediate Ilokano

Continuation of Ilokano 102. Integrated reading, writing, speaking, listening, and culture. Language Lab is required. 4 credits. Prerequisite: Ilokano 102 or consent.

Ilokano 202: Intermediate Ilokano

Continuation of Ilokano 201. Language lab is required. 4 credits. Prerequisite: Ilokano 201 or consent.

Ilokano 301: Third-Level Ilokano

Third year study of Ilokano. The course provides students the means to integrate previous language skills in developing their literacy and metalinguistic awareness. 3 credits. Prerequisite: Ilokano 202 or consent.

Ilokano 302: Third-Level Ilokano

Continuation of Ilokano 301. 3 credits. Prerequisite: Ilokano 301 or consent.

Ilokano 315: Ilokano Aural Comprehension

This course aims to develop the listening comprehension skill of students. Students will be exposed to real and simulated spoken language in Different authentic and made-up situations dealing with everyday life and other cultural events, Informational and journalistic materials, literary Materials, and documentaries. 3 credits. Prerequisites: Ilokano 202 or consent.

Ilokano 331: Contemporary Ilokano Literature

This course, conducted in Ilokano, explores the literary landscape from the perspectives offered by writers based in the Philippines as well as those of the Ilokano diaspora. This advanced reading course includes essays, short stories, drama and poetry based on the lived experiences of Ilokanos in various regions of the Philippines as well as in Hawaii, North America, Europe, and the Middle East. Critical classroom analysis of selected literary forms is combined with exercises that promote competing and alternative textual interpretations. 3 credits. Prerequisite: Ilokano 301 or consent.

Ilokano 401: Fourth Level – Ilokano

Continuation of Ilokano 302. Conducted in Ilokano. Advanced reading, writing, and conversation. Contemporary Ilokano literature, cultural, and historical topics. 3 credits. Prerequisite: Ilokano 302 or consent.

Ilokano 402: Fourth Level – Ilokano

Continuation of Ilokano 401. 3 credits. Prerequisite: Ilokano 401 or consent.

Ilokano 424: Introduction to Ilokano for Interpreters

This course provides techniques for interpreting Ilokano into English and vice versa. Prerequisite: Ilokano 301 or consent.

Ilokano 425: Ilokano Interpretation Field and Practicum

This course provides extensive practical training in consecutive, simultaneous, and sight interpreting. It requires observation and study of oral interpretation strategies and techniques that include administrative hearings, legal depositions, and business, healthcare, and social service situations. 3 credits. Prerequisite: Ilokano 424 or consent.

Ilokano 451: Structure of Ilokano

Introductory course on the phonology, morphology, and syntax of Ilokano. 3 credits. Prerequisite: Instructor’s consent.

Ilokano 486: Ilokano for the Mass Media

Ilokano as the medium for print journalism, for radio show programming, and for television production. 3 credits. Pre: 302 or consent.

IP 299 (Var): Directed Studies on Ilokano Language and Society

IP 362: Philippine Drama, History, Art, Culture

A historical survey from pre-colonial to contemporary periods. Studies forms, conventions, and literature within the social, political, and cultural context of the times as reflected in the history of the country. Explores plays in the diasporas. 3 credits.

IP 364: Philippine Popular Culture

An appreciation, a re-examination, and an analysis of forms of Philippine popular cultures produced in the Philippines and diaspora; it is also an evaluation of such forms using critical hermeneutical frames.

IP 368B: Introduction to South/Southeast Asian Film (Philippines)

Study of Philippine cinema, its development and role in the country’s political, social, and cultural history. Examines its place in the world of filmmaking. Studies Philippine films in the diaspora. 3 credits.

IP 376 [Previously listed as IP398]: Filipino Diasporic Literature

Appreciation, reexamination, and analysis of Philippine literature of exile; a reevaluation of Philippine writing from the diaspora.

IP 377: Critical Discourses in IPLL Studies: Philippines

A revaluation and analysis of critical discourses pertaining to Philippines languages and cultures and an examination of alternative perspectives to the prevailin studies on Philippine culture; an appreciation of emerging knowledge on the Philippines.

IP 389: Theories in Ilokano Studies

Examines the various theories employed in the study of Ilokano society, language, and culture from a variety of historical periods. Junior standing or higher, or consent.

IP 399 (Var): Directed Studies

IP 411: Ilokano Literature in Translation

Overview of Ilokano literature from the early writings to the major works of contemporary writers. 3 credits. Prerequisite: Ilokano 101 or consent.

IP 499 (Var): Directed Studies

Study of Ilokano language through vernacular readings in various academic fields. Variable credit. Prerequisite: Ilokano 301 or consent.

IP 699 (Var): Directed Readings on Ilokano