Student in from of Campus Center

Campus Life

UH Mānoa student life offers exciting opportunities to establish lifelong friendships and memories you'll never forget. The campus has hundreds of extracurricular recreational, cultural, and learning opportunities to enhance your education, your daily life, and your safety and overall health & wellness. Our on-campus food & housing options also allow you to stay healthy and have fun while you're at it.

Life at UH Mānoa is never boring, especially if you join one of the 200-plus student clubs and organizations dedicated to a range of themes and pursuits—from religious topics and social and political issues to arts & culture, community service, academic, and other activities.

The campus offers sports & recreation opportunities including intramural and Division I varsity sports, as well as student publications and media outlets, on- and off-campus internships and employment opportunities, and study abroad programs around the world. Students also enjoy concerts, cookouts, recitals, ethnic performances, and celebrations throughout the year.

UH Mānoa student organizations cover a range of academic topics, career interests, recreational activities, and lifestyles. Visit Student Life & Development for more information.