Assessment for Curricular Improvement Poster Exhibit

2015 Assessment for Curriculum Improvement Poster Exhibit

University of Hawaii at Manoa
Campus Center Ballroom
April 17, 2015
1:30-3:00 pm

RSVP by 4/15/15

Faculty and staff interested in program learning assessment are invited!

Call for Proposals - Closed

Share your successes and challenges in learning assessment! The Assessment Office invites UH Manoa faculty and staff to submit a proposal for our Assessment for Curricular Improvement poster exhibit. Programs at any phase in the assessment cycle are welcome.

Proposals should include

  • Poster Title
  • Author(s)
  • Department/program
  • Email
  • An abstract no longer than 250 words

You will receive feedback and information for presenters within a few weeks after the deadline.

Best Considertation Deadline: Monday, January 26, 2015, 12:00 pm

Sample topics may include

  • Use of assessment results for curricular improvement
  • Curriculum mapping and its role in program assessment and improvement
  • Development and use of a rubric for program assessment
  • Capstone portfolio assessment for curricular improvement
  • For more examples, see posters from the 2014 exhibit

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Information for Presenters

The presenters or their representative(s) need to be at the Poster Exhibit from 12:45pm - 3:00pm. The Exhibit features a presenter-only session from 1:00-1:30 pm.

Poster Specifications

  • Mounted on a poster board (we provide poster board and push pins)
  • Maximum size 52" x 38"

Creating an Effective Poster

For tips and tools for designing an engaging poster, please review our Best Strategies to Create Effective Posters.

Poster Templates

We strongly encourage using one of our poster templates. Feel free to download and modify them to fit your poster's needs.

Template A Download

Template B Download

Template C Download

Template D Download

Template E Download


Printing Options

Pacific Biosciences Research Center (PBRC).
$75 for 40” x 54”. Lamination for an additional $40. Email them at Fill a request at Be sure to put your departmental address if you want the department to pay for it.

CTAHR poster printing service.
The base cost is $35. The cost estimates using our templates ranges from $80 to $110. The instructions and reservation information can be found here: Since our poster exhibit and CTAHR’s student poster symposium take place around the same time, please make the printing appointment early, or they may be unable to accommodate your request.

$129.99 for 36” x 48”. This is a smaller size than our templates (38" x 52"). See price updates at

Free option.
You may print your poster in sections on letter-sized papers and paste all the pieces back into a coherent one-piece poster (similar to a puzzle). Although results may not be as nice as other for-fee printing options, it is FREE!


  1. Save your completed poster as an Adobe PDF document.
  2. Open the PDF document.
  3. Go to File à Print (or ctrl+p)
  4. Under ‘Paper Sizing & Handling’, select ‘Poster’.
  5. Leave the Tile Scale at 100% and Overlap at 0.005 in.
  6. Check ‘Cut Marks’. Do NOT check ‘Tile only Large Pages’, and ‘Labels’.
  7. Print the document and assemble.

Professional consultation is available to help you create the poster. For more information, contact Yao Hill at or (808) 956-4283.

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Updated 03/03/2015