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Student Profiles

The best person to ask what it's like to go to UH Mānoa is a current student. Here, you can follow two students as they share their experiences as a UHM Warrior in their blogs, or read profiles of a few students describing why this University was the best choice for them.



Christine AmogelaChristine Almogela

Major: Business - Accounting & Finance
Hometown: Kahului, HI

Choosing the right university can be a complex decision in a graduating senior's life. However for Christine Almogela, the choice was simple. "Being from Maui, UH Mānoa offered something new and different without leaving the comfort of Hawaiʻi altogether. Also, as a business student, attending UHM was the best choice for me since the Shidler College of Business is ranked highly in the nation."

One piece of advice Christine has for students is, "don't be afraid to try new things." Christine has definitely taken her own advice by getting involved in a variety of extra-curricular activities. She currently works as a program assistant/student tour guide coordinator for the Office of Admissions and is a member of three Business clubs. Christine has also participated in an internship with Ameriprise Financial and will intern for an accounting firm in spring 2013.

Being involved on campus has tremendous benefits for students. Christine explains that, "getting involved on campus has helped me academically, personally, and professionally. My involvement in a variety of business clubs as well as my campus job has helped me to be more confident and become a well-rounded individual; I have also made a bunch of friends. Although being involved requires more of your time, the opportunities and experiences you gain will definitely be worth it!"

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Corinn WellsCorinn Wells

Major: Psychology
Hometown: Temecula, CA

Many people call Hawaiʻi the dream vacation, but when you choose to study here you can call it home. Corinn Wells shares that, "I have always wanted to live in Hawaiʻi and what better time than college to follow my dream? I heard good things about the school from my friends and I love the open, green, beautiful campus."

Corinn, a transfer student from California has truly found herself on our campus. She states that, "coming to school here has been life changing. I have grown so much from my on campus jobs, interactions with professors, the courses I have taken, and through the amazing people I have met. It is a beautiful and inspiring place that I would recommend to anyone."

There are two things Corinn would like to share with new students coming to Hawaiʻi, “1) put yourself out there. Get involved in anything and everything that you want to. This is the time to explore new things, to grow, and to better yourself through new experiences. 2) It's all about balance. Make sure to have good time management to balance school, work, and your social life."

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Jason LeeJason Lee

Major: Mechanical Engineering
Hometown: Honolulu, HI

Graduating seniors have a lot of choice as far as higher education is concerned. However, when Jason Lee graduated from McKinley High School in Honolulu, he knew he was bound for UH Mānoa campus. "I chose UHM because of the Engineering program. It is nationally recognized and respected," says Jason. In fact, the University has offered Engineering to students since our founding in 1907. Having been around for over 100 years, the Engineering program plays an integral role in the university's curriculum; giving students hands-on experiences in the classroom and beyond. Jason reflects upon one of his Mechanical Engineering courses, "Introduction to Design was my favorite class because everything was hands-on learning. We learned everything by actually doing. The projects were interesting and fun; they challenged us to always be better."

Entering his senior year on campus, Jason shares that "going to UHM has been one of the best experiences. All the relationships and friends I have met have better prepared me for the working world." Some advice he would like to give incoming students, "When you need help or you don't understand anything, just ask! Waiting to ask questions about something you don't understand is the worst thing you can do for you future classes...It is always easier to just ask."

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